Yaokin Umaibo Ebi Mayonnaise ( 30 Sticks ) : purchase page

Description :

30 sticks

1 stick : 11 cm., 6 g.

Flavor : Ebi Mayonnaise ( ebi = shrimp )

Composition : corn, shrimps, mayonnaise seasoning ( all powdered ) and others.

Maker : Yaokin ( Tokyo )

N.B. For knowing buyers : this is a product for Japanese consumers,  all the information
        on the package is in Japanese only, you buy it being aware of the fact.

Freshness guaranteed : we don't keep stock and buy the most recent pack

available in store after your payment.

Item reference : B2011013

Shipping weight : 300 g.

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Price for this item : 1150 yen

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